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The next-generation family financial management & education app.

The simple, fun and secure all-in-one family app that helps you teach your kids how to spend, save, budget and so much more.

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The greatest gift a parent can give to their children is to get them ready for adulthood and for the real world from an early age.

Empower your kids by giving them a prepaid card in a safe environment that you control.

Manage your personal and household finances while monitoring and guiding your children in learning to manage theirs.

Managing your finances doesn’t need to be complicated. All your financial needs are at your fingertips.

Supercharge your savings with our seamless gamified saving features.

ingiz prepaid card

A pre-paid card for you and your teens.

Your own ingiz card that is accepted everywhere; locally, abroad and online.

ingiz prepaid card

100% Secure, 100% Safe.

You keep the control, manage limits and send money in 2 clicks.

ingiz prepaid card

Become a part of your teens' financial education journey.

Stay on top of your teen's financial journey with our real-time notifications and analytics.

Awesome deals.

Earn rewards and save more money from our partner network.

We work tirelessly to have the best deals on your kids favorite brands.

Piggy banks.

We're not born saving experts, we learn to be.

Our seamless saving features will not only teach your kids how to save towards customized goals but will also make it fun.

ingiz prepaid card

Security is our top priority.

Our backend technology is PCI certified and 100% secure.

ingiz prepaid card

No overdraft possible

Your kids can't spend the money they don't have

ingiz prepaid card

Top notch customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, we're available to answer you as fast as we can.

ingiz prepaid card

Instant money transfer

Transferring money to your loved one has never been easier. Just two clicks and ta-da! They have it.

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