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The next-generation family financial management & education app.

The simple, fun and secure all-in-one family app that helps you teach your kids how to spend, save, budget and so much more.

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Use a prepaid card like your parents in your day-to-day routine.

A card that allows you to pay at school, at the club, in store or online.

Manage everything from your smartphone.

Your best-bud right there on your phone; Ingiz helps you track your spending, save money, get your allowance and even perform missions to get a little extra!!!

Get notified for each transaction!

Never miss anything that happens in your account with our real-time notifications.

Send or request money from your friends instantly!

Send money or request it from your friends instantly if both of you have ingiz! No more waiting!

Earn money with our cashback system!

Spend money at our partner stores and earn cashback for your purchases.

With our virtual piggy bank, you'll be able to save up for a gift, a customized goal for yourself or for your next big trip!

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